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Publicis Groupe is French multinational advertising and public relations company, and is the oldest and one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world, by revenue, headquartered in Paris.

According to TYT WEBSITE, Qorvis, a U.S. subsidiary of Publicis, has represented the country of Saudi Arabia since the September 11 attacks and has been accused of helping to whitewash its record on human rights. More recently, the writer Ken Klippenstein obtained leaked documents from Qorvis, which show the PR company pitched a private company on a four to five-minute propaganda video, which hoped to improve the reputation of its Homestead, Florida shelter for "unaccompanied alien children."


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Member of technical staff (Former Employee) says

"- Focus on politics. Mind boggling politics for an office of under 30 full time employees.- No regard or respect for peers. Being rude, hostile and plain obscene in meetings is perfectly acceptable.- Mob mentality; Next to impossible to do the right thing for projects/company- You have to be part of the 'clique' to be heard and the only way to get in the clique is constant suck-up marathons, giving gifts, hanging out for drinks/lunches/dinners - basically do everything except your work. Doing a good job doesn't get you anywhere.learn how to deal with immature and unprofessional colleagueseverything"

Member of technical staff (Former Employee) says

"One should look at the attrition rate of the Seattle office -- On average 1 person leaves every month and the average length of employment of a decent/good performer is 1/1.5 years (or until they get frustrated and get a good opportunity). The group has gone down from ~45 people in 2011 to 28 people by end of 2012. That is almost 40% attrition rate! Most people left out of frustration and others got brutally laid off out of dirty politics.I was pretty much belittled, insulted and harassed by the engineers on a daily basis. I faced them as much as possible and when I asked my manager to address the issue, she did nothing and made it my fault by saying I triggered such (rude) response from team members by not being as effective as I should in my role (seriously?).In which professional world is not being the star performer (or even a poor performer for that matter) deserve such rude and unprofessional behavior? Since when is it acceptable to scream,be abusive, and be hostile to employees AND for management to not address the issue?The Seattle management leadership adopts unprofessional, callous and bad business tactics; it's full of people who have worked at no other company and risen up the ladder (starting at really low levels with no skills and sucking their way up) and are so scared of losing power that they will not shy from stooping to the lowest level to keep their position secure and retain power.The VP and Director level team has absolutely no interest in doing the right thing for the company - all they are interested is their own position and self-interests. Theygood talent always leaves, bad one gets fired - what is left is unprofessional politicians.good talent always leaves, bad one gets fired - what is left is unprofessional politicians."

COO MENA (Former Employee) says

"good company but bad and corrupt leadership, too much politics going around and power abuse by key people. it was an a very good experience until management changed in 2011, it all went downhill from there from having double standards, power abuse to unfair moves and actions.nice officeschanging directions and backing up on commitments"

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"When I started the company, I found the people were happy, fun, smart and hard-working. My favorite part of the company was the positive and supportive environment. Everyone was willing to lend a helping hand. We all had each others' best interest in mind and that we were helping each other grow and develop within the company.Since this summer, the company experience a major loss of resources in their Activation department as many people quit for various reasons. Most, if not all the managers left around the same time who were replaced with inexperienced managers. Young managers who abuses their authority and who reacts in juvenile behavior like over-exaggerating, name-calling and tattle-telling on their employees.The people are still great but those who are in inferior positions are seriously suffering. Will it ever be the same, is VivaKi able to regain its culture and core values, back? Not unless leadership changes.great peoplelow salary, horrible managers"

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